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Seeking a professional brand stylist in Sussex or Surrey?

Need bespoke design as individual as your business?

Come on in – we’re open.

Nettl of Crawley is more than just a design studio; we’re marketing tailors.

Whether you need wonderous web design, snazzy signage, or killer copy, our aim is to size up your needs, determine a made-to-measure solution and provide your perfect fit – seamlessly.

With a wealth of experience serving clients from XS to XXXL businesses, you’ll find no ‘One Size’ solutions here, and there’s nothing off-the-peg about our websites. Whatever’s on your wish list, our creative design team will help to shape, mould and customise a flawless look.

And when the time comes to accessorise? With print design experience spanning over two decades, we’re ready and waiting to augment your style with just the right amount of bling. From business cards and stationery to promotional materials and all the exhibition graphics you could ever need, talk to us today about all the other ways we help you to look your best!


Show your best side with bespoke design that captures your unique identity. From start-ups to rebrands, expansions to one-off events – we’ll help you look the part.


Leave your mark with cutting-edge print at competitive prices. With a massive selection of papers, sizes and finishes, we’ve the solution to every need.


Deliver maximum impact with a website that ‘wow’s on any device. From a simple brochure to bookings, e-commerce and more, we’ll help you to find your perfect fit.


Make a name for yourself with eye-catching signage in a range of styles. Whatever the size, shape or scope of your business, we’ve got a solution that’ll fit the bill.


Highlight your skills and boost your SEO rankings with the perfect words. Whether for print or digital publication, we’ll help you to express your individuality.


Stand out from the competition with a display that draws a crowd as quickly as it can be assembled. Our fabric-covered, aluminium frames make light work of exhibitions.
“Before Nettl of Crawley redesigned my website, I saw it as a necessary, but frustrating, expense. I knew I needed a website and had one created for me, which I was paying for each month, but couldn’t really see any benefit from it.

Since the redesign by Nettl of Crawley, I now have a website that works for me. I regularly get enquiries through the contact form on the site, which often turn into paying business (the previous site didn’t generate a single enquiry in over 2 years!) I still pay each month, but now that the site is generating income, I no longer view it as an expense – rather a vital part of my sales force, working tirelessly in the background. The new website has paid for itself many times over.”

Rob Munro
Gloss ‘n’ Gardens – www.glossngardens.co.uk

COVID-19 Business Essentials

Is your business ready to re-open?
In order to do so, your business must be Covid-secure. That means social distancing, hand sanitising, protective screens and face masks.

We understand that this responsibility can feel baffling. Nettl is the largest network of web, print and sign studios in the country, and we’re here to help you get what you need to re-open safely. Download our ‘Prevent & Protect’ catalogue, filled with covid-secure workplace ideas.

Preparing to re-open your business?

Read our guide on creating a Covid-secure workplace. Download your free interactive guide.

Re-opening your school or nursery?

Help prepare for your journey towards a Covid-secure school. Download your free interactive guide.

Branded Face Masks

Wearing a face mask helps to reduce the distance that droplets can travel via breathing, talking, coughing, or sneezing. Printed in full colour with your logo or branding, these masks are a great addition to workwear.

Please note: these are not medical grade masks.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

Hand sanitiser stations offer a quick and easy way to bring hand sanitising facilities to your premises. They’re made of a lightweight board, with plastic edging and are wipeable, so they’re easy to keep clean. The sanitiser dispenser unit is automatic, helping to keep the unit germ-free. Printed in full colour on one (or both) sides with your branding or hygiene message.

Desk Dividers & Sneeze Guards

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva when talking. Help to protect workers and customers from these droplets whilst in offices, shops, newsagents, and other retail environments with a range of sneeze guards and desk dividers.

Outdoor Solutions

When you’re planning what needs to be implemented to make your business ‘Covid-secure’ don’t forget about your outside areas. You may need to introduce some external queue controlling measures by using floor stencils, queue barriers and cone signs, or temporarily update your vehicle signage to reflect new working conditions.

Floor Stickers & Mats

As lockdown measures begin to ease and businesses start to reopen, it’s important that they reinforce social distancing measures in a clear and obvious way within their workplace. Floor mats & stickers can be printed with social distancing reminders to help keep customers and staff safe at all times.

Customise your entrance, reception area or shop floor with important safety messages, and add your logo to keep the message on-brand.

Indoor Solutions

You can use a variety of tools to help reinforce social distancing practices. Print hand washing reminders on posters or strut cards and place around the office or shared workspace. Navigate staff and visitors safely with clear sign posts, and when you need to work from home, invest in a video backdrop to make a professional looking background for video calls.